• To promote basic and clinic research in the field of clinical oncology & research & related specialities.
  • To organize conferences or other means of continuing medical education to assist in acquisition ok knowledge skills and dissemination of information regarding new and relevant advances in the field of Clinical Oncology, and related specialities.
  • To provide limited research and travel grants to persons pursuing career in clinical oncology and related specialities to carry out research projects and attend conferences.
  • To work towards developing and integrated cancer database for clinical oncology research.
  • To bring out a journal in a time frame to be decided by committee concentrated on promoting excellence in the field of Clinical Oncology & Research.
  • To receive financial and non-financial assistance from Govt., Non Govt. Organization , International Agencies, Banks, and any other legal entity or Individual.
  • To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts, and other offerings in the shape of moveable and/or immovable properties for attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To purchase/ acquire the land and /or the building in the name of society for the upliftment and fulfillment of the Aims and Objects of the society.
  • To erect, construct. Alter, maintain , sell lease, mortgage , transfer, improve, develop, manage and control all or any part of the property or the building of the above society, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the Aims and Objects of the society
  • To do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the object of the society.
  • All the acts/activities/programs shall be Non Profitable and shall be done on “ No Profit- No Loss” bases).
  • The society will invest its money and funds according to the Section -11(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • To promote partnership and linkages with organizations and bodies of local regional, national and international which will promote the objectives of the society
  • To access funds from Government and semi-government sources, local bodies, banks and other financial institutions, trusts and any other legally constituted bodies Act the State, national, and international levels engaged in lawful activities to promote the society’s’ objectives.
  • All the incomes, earnings, movable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in the Memorandum of the society and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends , bonus, profit or any other manner whatsoever to the present or the past members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or past members. No member of the society shall have any person claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.
  • To undertake all relevant activities, including implementation of specific projects funded by government, bilateral, multilateral and other funding agencies for attainment of objects of the society.
Name in Full Designation
Dr. Abhishek Shankar SECRETARY
Dr. Sachidanand Bharti TREASURER
Dr. Supriya Mallick MEMBER
Dr. Ritesh Kumar MEMBER
Dr. Ashok Sharma MEMBER
Dr. Pranay Tanwar MEMBER




  • C/o Dr. Abhishek Shankar
    C-38, 3rd Floor, South Extn.-I
    New Delhi-110049


  • The area of operation of the Society is Whole India Country.


  • The membership of the society is open to any person who attained the age of maturity and fulfills the terms & conditions of the Society but subject to the approval of the Governing Body of the Society.


  • The governing Body of the Society shall have the powers to expel/terminate a member or/andmembers, from the membership of the above society, on the following grounds:
  • On Death
  • On written resignation
  • If found to be involvedin any anti social activities.
  • If adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offenders or unsound mind.
  • If found guilty by means of anti propaganda of aims and object of the Society.
  • If has not attended three consecutive meetings without proper intimation.
  • If disregards rules & regulations or disobey the decisions of Society.
  • NOTE:- The decisions of the Governing Body regarding the termination from the membership of the Society, shall be communicated to the member concerned.


Meeting of the General Body

  • The Society shall hold a general Body Meeting of all its members once a year within the three months from the end of the financial year and this meeting shall be called annual General Body Meeting. Provided that for any reason if it is not practical to convene the annual General meeting within the aforesaid period the executive Committee have powers to extend the date of such AGM for a further period not exceeding three months.

Special Meeting of the General Body

  • In addition of the Annual General Body meeting, a Special General Body meeting may be called at any time on the requisition of the executive Committee or one third of the total members of the General Body. The special General Body Meeting shall be convened within fifteen days from the date of requisition and will be called Extra Ordinary General Meeting.

Notice of Meetings of the General Body

  • For every meeting of the General Body, a notice of not less than ten clear days specifying the place, date, time and agenda for the meeting shall be delivered personally or sent by post to the members of the society. An adjourned meeting can be called on the notice of at least five days. The notice must indicate the place date and hour thereof as well as the item of the agenda.

Business of the General Body

  • Every meeting of the General Body shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the Vice-President or in the absence of both, by one of the other members, elected by the members present from among themselves. Each member including the member presiding at the meeting of the General Body shall have one vote but the presiding members shall also have a casting vote in addition to his vote as member, in case of equality of votes. All the matters shall be decided by a majority of votes.

Minutes of the General Body Meeting

  • A copy of the minutes of the proceedings of each meeting shall be furnished to the General Body members as soon as possible after the completion of the meeting. The President or the Member of the General Body who chairs the meeting, as the case may be shall approve the proceedings of the meeting. Proceedings of every meeting shall be kept by the Member Secretary and shall be read out as its next meeting and confirmed by the members present.

Resolution of the General Body

  • Every resolution of the General Body shall be passed by a majority of members present and voting for the resolution to be valid. In case of expediency, the member Secretary of the Society may circulate a resolution for approval and such resolution so passed by circulation shall be recorded in the proceedings of the next meeting of the general Body. A member can move a resolution at a meeting of the General Body only with the prior permission of the President.

Functions of the General Body:-

  • The General Body shall provide overall policy guidance and direction for the efficient functioning of the Society in fulfilling its vision and objectives as laid down in article 3 and 7 of the Memorandum of Association;
  • It shall meet at least twice a year, the gap between any two meetings not exceeding six months.
  • It shall consider the Balance sheet and annual audited accounts of the Society presented by the Member Secretary along with the remarks thereon by the Executive committee.
  • It shall consider the Annual Report presented by the Member Secretary along with the comments thereon by the Executive Committee.
  • It shall take necessary steps for the implementation of all the programmes and policies drawn by the general Body.
  • It shall pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the Society.
  • To take new decisions on applications for new membership.
  • To prepare plans, projects, and programs.
  • To manage the affairs of Society and to keep control over the property of the Society and all its assets.
  • To invest the funds of the society not immediately required in such a manner as may be determined by the Governing Body.
  • To appoint committee(s) for disposal of any business of the society or for advise in any matter pertaining to the Society.
  • To send representative (s) to any exhibitions or contests and training etc, within or outside India.
  • To appoint returning Officer and his/her powers to complete election process.

Powers of the General Body:

  • The General Body shall have powers to
  • Undertake all activities necessary for the fulfillment of the vision and objectives as laid down in Article 4 and 7 of the memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Expand the strength of its membership provided the expanded strength is filled in the manner prescribed for enlisting the original membership.
  • Add, modify or amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association and these by-laws after approval from the Government of India provided that all such additions, modifications or amendments shall be aimed at promoting the objectives of the Society.
  • Recommend the removal of a member on the grounds listed in the by-laws under clause 5(a)(ii).
  • Approve the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and the annual audited accounts of the Society.
  • Approved the appointment of the Auditors of the Society.
  • Delegate to the Executive Committee or the Member Secretary any of the above powers.
  • The quorum for all General Body meeting of the Society shall be one third of the total strength of the members for the proceedings to be validly conducted. In case the quorum is not met, the meeting will stand adjourned and the member secretary must convene an ‘adjourned meeting’. If in the adjourned meeting also, the quorum is not present the members present shall constitute the quorum. The members present at such ‘adjourned meeting’ may transact the business for which the meeting was called.


  • All the members of the Society will constitute the General Body of the Society.


  • All and every members of the Society:-
  • Shall be entitled to participate in meetings, cultural/educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called/arranged by the Society.
  • Have right to collect the Identity card after depositing the required /prescribed fee ( fixed by the Governing Body of the Society from time to time)


  • All and every member of the Society shall:
  • Elect the governing body of the society.
  • Attend the General body meetings of the Society.
  • Give the necessary information to the Society pertaining to any matter which is necessary to be known by the Society.
  • Not indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the Aims and Objects and/ or the Rules & Regulations of the Society.


  • Strength:- The Strength of Governing Body (including office bearers and executive member) shall not be less than 7 and not more than 21.
  • Term:- The Term of every Governing Body shall be Five years.
  • Notice: Minimum 7 days notice shall be required for Governing Body Meeting.
  • Quorum: Quorum of every Governing Body Meeting shall be 1/3rd ( One Third) of the Total strength of the Governing Body (including office bearers and executive member).
  • Meeting: Governing Body Meeting shall be held once in Three Months (or as and when the Governing Body of the Society may decide form time to time ).
  • Urgent Meeting: The urgent Governing Body may be called by the 24 hours notice but the quorum for the same Urgent Governing Body Meeting shall be 1/3rd ( One third)of the total strength of the Governing Body of the Society.


  • The members of the first Governing Body Executive Committee shall be known as Founder Members of the Society.


  • Governing Body shall appoint Patron(s) of the Society, from time to time.


  • These bylaws shall extend to all the units and activities of the INDIAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY.
  • These bylaws shall come into force from the date on which the Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • The activities and accounts of the Society shall always be open for verification by the Members.


  • Take all such actions and to enter into all such actions as may appear necessary or incidental for the implementation of the projects of the Society and in particular for the achievement of the vision and objectives referred to in the objectives of the Society.
  • Formulate guidelines for implementation of the various programs of the Society;
  • To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the Society;
  • Accept or provide any grant of money, loan, securities or property of any kind and to undertake and accept the management of any endowment trust, fund or donation not inconsistent with the objectives of the Society.
  • Purchase, hire, take on lease, exchange or otherwise acquire property, movable or immovable and construct, alter and maintain any building or building as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Society.
  • Open bank account, along with the signatories to the account;
  • Receive funds from the Government of India/State Governments/Other Government Corporations / Councils / Societies or other sources through budget releases and release money to the District Societies/District Units based on their requirement and utilization of funds previous released;
  • Incur expenditure after drawing up a budget and with due regard for economy and propriety.
  • Make rules and regulation for the conduct of the affairs of the Society and add or amend, vary or rescind them from as and when required.
  • Establish its own organizational structure, offices and employ, retain or dismiss personnel as require, decide salary and benefit structure for the Society.
  • Accept, make, enclose or otherwise execute cheques, drafts, receipts, bills of exchange or other instruments and securities as required for the conduct of the business of the Society.
  • Enter into contracts without a requirement for government approval, other than by Government representatives on the Executive committee and undertake any legal action that may be necessary to ensure the fulfillment of contracts made between the Society and others.
  • Exercise overall responsibility for management of all projects on behalf of the Government of India within the framework of project guidelines.


  • The General Body in its Annual Meeting will effect President and all the Office bearers And also the Executive Members of the Governing Body, after every FIVE YEARS by secret ballot papers or by show of hands as the Election Office may decide. The Election officer will be appointed by the Governing Body. The powers of election Officer shall also be framed by the Governing Body. The powers of Election Officer shall also be framed by the Governing Body of the Society.


  • In case, any member of the society is expelled by the governing Body on the reason of Non-Payment of the Subscription , he can be re-admitted, provided the member concerned pays all upto Date dues with the permission of the Governing Body.


  • All the appeals shall be referred to the General Body of the society. The decision of the General body shall be final. The decision of the General Body shall be communicated to the member concerned.


  • Any casual vacancies , amongst office bearers & executive members of Governing Body, shall be filled by the resolution passed by the Governing Body, Such appointment(s) shall be confirmed by the General Body in its coming General Body Meeting.


  • The Governing body, in oits meeting , shall form the Branches, and/ or the sub committees (all over India and abroad) to attin the Aims and Objects of the society.


  • The Governing body is authorized to appoint/nominate, any time , the advisory Board. to solve any matter/ issue. The Governing Body of the society can Nominate any Office Bearer/ Executive Member as the CHIRMAN of this kind of Advisory Board.


  • All the amount shall be kept in any Nationalised Bank(s), and the Bank Accounts shall be operated by the Joint Signatures of TREASURER, and PRESIDENT.


  • Once in every year a list of the Office-Bearers and the Executive Members(of the Governing Body) shall be filed in the Office of the Registrar of Societies(Delhi), as it is required under sec 4. Of “Societies Registration Act of 1860”. As applicable to National Capital Territory of India.


  • If the society needs to be dissolved , oit shall be dissolved as per provisions laid down 8under the sec 13 & 14 of “ SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT OF 1860” as applicable to National Territory of Delhi.


  • Any amendment in Memorandum, Rules and Regulations will be carried out in accordance with section 12 & 12-A of the “ SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, OF 1860” as applicable to National Capital territory of Delhi .


  • All the provisions under all the sections of “ SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, OF 1860” as applicable to National Capital Territory of Delhi, shall be applicable to the society.


  • Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the society.